Choosing Your Table Lamp


When it comes to providing light, lamps are the most popular choice for many decades. Aside from the traditional ceiling lamps and chandelier, there are floor lamps such as tripod floor lamp and arc floor lamp. There are also lamps placed on the table called as table lamp. Unlike desk lamp which can be placed hanging near the table or around it, table lamp basically sit on top of the table. And there are many households and lobbies where you can see table lamps used regularly. When choosing the right table lamp, there are certain aspects you can base upon.


1.            Interior design or theme – You have to know the interior design or theme of the room where you are going to put the table lamp. There are standing lamps perfect for classic interior designs while other table lamps are more suitable for modern rooms. Do not choose the wrong table lamp for the room or it will stand out in a negative way.


2.            Table space – A lot of table lamps use plenty of table space. You need to consider the size of the table where you are placing the lamp. The table lamp must only occupy half of the table surface area at most. A lamp too big or too small for the table is not ideal. It could be at risk of falling down from the table if it is too big. A smaller lamp would not get enough attention and might be better off not placing it on a larger table.


3.            Table location – There are different locations where you can find the table. Some are in the lobby while others are in the hallway for hotels and buildings. A living room would have a table as well as the kitchen and bed. Bedside large table lamps might not be perfect for a table in the living room.


4.            Art VS function – Although desk lamp is often the obvious choice for those who want better lighting for reading or working, there are now modern table lamps which are designed to function on the same manner. Therefore, you want to consider whether you are getting a table lamp as part of the aesthetics of the room or to enhance the lighting when you study or work.


5.            Budget – Just by seeing the intricate design and artistry of table lamps, you are more likely to think that table lamps are expensive. It is indeed expensive compared to desk lamps which look plain. Therefore, you have to prepare your budget in order to give yourself more options when buying table lamps. Only then you will have no worries and get to choose the ideal lamp for your table.


Table lamp has always been an asset in any room. You have to choose the right table lamp that will not only fit the table but also the feel of the room. Do not hesitate to spend a little more in order to guarantee that you get a quality table lamp which would enhance the ambiance of your room. Read more facts about lighting, go to

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